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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

oscar wilde (翻譯練習)

He won admirations, and denigrations. Legends sprang up about him, and unsavory rumours too. He was accused of sins from effeminacy to plagiarism. That he was the kindest of men was not so widely known. Instead, at the very moment, as he was writing his best and The Importance of Being Ernest had crowned his career, what the law picturesquely calls sodomy was imputed to him. He was sentenced in the end to two years of hard labour for lesser charge of indecent behaviour with men. So much glory has rarely been followed by so much humiliation.

王爾德受盡讚揚, 也受盡痛詆. 數落他的流言, 跟稱道他的傳聞, 一樣不脛而走, 多不勝數. 從娘娘腔到剽竊他人作品, 大大小小的惡名都落到他頭上. 其實他待人極其厚道, 可惜曉得的人卻不多. 當年他正在寫其得意之作, 憑《不可兒戲》一劇在文壇如日方中, 卻就在這時惹上了官非, 被英國政府控以雞姦之罪. 後來改以罪名較輕的「與男人有猥褻行為」入罪而判處兩年苦役. 盛衰榮辱如此大起大落者, 世間曾有幾人.

(舛誤處處, 功夫真是不到家.)



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