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呂叔湘譯伊坦弗洛美 (2)

(轉引自 張華, 呂叔湘先生的《伊坦·弗洛美》翻譯) Edith Wharton, Ethan Frome

He fetched the grays from Hale's stable and started on his long climb back to the farm. The cold was less sharp than earlier in the day and a thick fleecy sky threatened snow for the morrow. Here and there a star pricked through, showing behind it a deep well of blue. In an hour or two the moon would push over the ridge behind the farm, burn a gold-edged rent in the clouds, and then be swallowed by them. A mournful peace hung on the fields, as though they felt the relaxing grasp of the cold and stretched themselves in their long winter sleep.


Ethan knew the word for one of exceptional import. Almost everybody in the neighbourhood had "troubles," frankly localized and specified; To have them was in itself a distinction, but only the chosen had "complications." though it was also, in most cases, a death-warrant. People struggled on for years with "troubles," but they almost always succumbed to "complications."

……“我是個‘雜症’,”她說。 伊坦知道這是個異常嚴重的字眼兒。鄰近這一帶差不多個個人都有“毛病”,說得出病在何處,怎麼個樣兒;但是只有少數不凡的人才有“雜症”。“雜症”能抬高你的身份,雖然往往也就是閻羅王的請帖。許多人有毛病可以帶病延年一年年混下去,可是一有“雜症”十有九就完了。

"Well, matters ain't gone any too well with him," Harmon said. "When a man's been setting round like a hulk for twenty years or more, seeing things that want doing, it eats inter him, and he loses his grit. That Frome farm was always 'bout as bare's a milkpan when the cat's been round; and you know what one of them old water-mills is wuth nowadays. When Ethan could sweat over 'em both from sunup to dark he kinder choked a living out of 'em; but his folks ate up most everything, even then, and I don't see how he makes out now. Fust his father got a kick, out haying, and went soft in the brain, and gave away money like Bible texts afore he died. Then his mother got queer and dragged along for years as weak as a baby; and his wife Zeena, she's always been the greatest hand at doctoring in the county. Sickness and trouble: that's what Ethan's had his plate full up with, ever since the very first helping."

“唉,他的日子不太好過”,哈蒙說。“一個人坐在家裡二十多年,眼看著許多該做的事情做不了,您說他焦不焦?有勁兒沒勁兒?弗洛美家那 幾畝地自來就是貓兒舐過的牛奶鍋兒似的光溜溜地;那些個老磨坊今日之下還值幾個錢兒您總也知道。早年弗洛美能打天亮到天黑磨古它們的時候,還對付勒!點兒什麼出來;可是就在那個時候,他一家人幾張嘴兒也就把那點兒吃盡喝光,這會兒他怎麼混來著我可想不出。先是他爹在地裡割草的時候摔了一跤,腦子有了毛病,花錢像施善書,好幾年才死了。接著他媽又‘出了怪’,吃喝起倒都得人招呼,像個小孩兒,又拖上好幾年;再就是他的女人,細娜,她自來就是個愛吃藥的。病痛和禍害,這是伊坦的家常便飯,從他能吃飯時候算起。”

1. In a sky of iron the points of the Dipper hung like icicles and Orion flashed his cold fires.
(呂譯) 在鐵色的天空,北斗的星點象冰柱,南天的獵戶星射出寒冷的光芒。

2. It was a slow trudge home through the heavy fields.
(呂譯) 在積雪很深的田畝間走路快不了。

3. But the bay was as good as Frome’s word, and we pushed on to the Junction through the white wild scene.
(呂譯) 但是那老栗馬不辜負弗洛美的話,我們在漫天風雪之中終於到達車站。

1. They turned at the gate and passed under the shaded knoll where, enclosed in a low fence, the Frome gravestones slanted at crazy angles through the snow.
(呂譯) 他們走進了籬笆門,在一道矮矮的石牆圍住的弗洛美家的墓園旁邊走過。那裡邊多少塊墓碑在雪地裡橫斜倚伏。

2. Despair seized him at the thought of her setting out alone to renew the weary quest for work.
(呂譯) 想起她一個人出去重新登上找工作的艱辛的路途,覺得萬念俱灰。

3. Mattie s hand was underneath, and Ethan kept his clasped on it a moment longer than was necessary.
(呂譯) 瑪提的手在下,伊坦把它握住,沒有立刻就放。

4. These alterations of mood were the despair and joy of Ethan Frome.
(呂譯) 她這種一會兒一個情調,叫伊坦時而灰心,時而高興。

1. The builder [Hale] refused genially, as he did everything else.
(呂譯) 郝爾的拒絕是很婉轉的,這人無往而不婉轉。

2. Business is pretty slack, to begin with, and then I’m fixing up a little house for Ned and Ruth, when they’re married.
(呂譯) 一來是生意清淡,二來我正預備給納德和路德蓋個小房子,他們快結婚了。

3. She s a pauper that’s hung onto us after her father'd done his best to ruin us.
(呂譯) 她是個小叫花子,她的父親拐了我們大家的錢,這會兒她又賴在我們身上。

4. The blood rushed to his thin skin under the sting of Hale s astonishment.
(呂譯) 郝爾一臉的詫異之色,伊坦反而面紅耳赤的不好意思起來。

5. For the life of her smile, the warmth of her voice, only cold paper and dead words!
(呂譯) 沒有了她的活潑的笑容,沒有了她的溫暖的聲音,只有冷的紙和死的字!

1. Come along! Get in quick! It’s as slippery as thunder on this turn.
(呂譯) 來罷!快點兒上來!這一截子滑得要命呢!

2. That thrust had frightened him more than any vague insinuations about Denis Eddy.
(呂譯) 這一枝冷箭比鄧尼斯·伊迪呀什麼的更叫他驚惶。

3. She stood perfectly still, looking after him, in an attitude of tranquil expectancy torturing to the hidden watcher.
(呂譯) 她站在那兒一動也不動,望著他的後影,她的安詳地期待的態度可把黑地裡守著的那個急壞了。

4. ... Mattie was bound to make the best of Starkfield since she hadn’t any other place to go to.
(呂譯) ......瑪提不喜歡斯塔克菲爾也得喜歡,因為她沒有第二個 地方可去。

1. Now and then he turned his eyes from the girls face to that of the partner, which, in the exhilaration of the dance, had taken on a look of impudent ownership.
(呂譯) 他時而轉移他的目光從女子的臉上到她的舞伴的臉上,那張臉在跳舞的狂熱之中儼然有 “佳人屬我”的精神。

2. He had even noticed two or three gestures which, in his fatuity, he had thought she kept for him.
(呂譯) 他甚至注意到兩三個姿勢,他一向癡心以為是保留給他的。

3. Zeena herself, from an oppressive reality, had faded into an unsubstantial shade.
(呂譯) 連細娜這人也由咄咄逼人的實體褪成一個虛無縹緲的影子。

4. Now, in the warm, lamplit room, with, all its ancient implications of comformity and order, she seemed infinitely farther away from him and more unapproachable.
(呂譯) 這會兒在溫暖的有燈亮的屋子裡頭,自古以來的倫常和規矩好像都擺在這兒,她變成遼遠而不可接近。

5. At Worcester, though he had the name of keeping to himself, and not being much of a hand at a good time, he had secretly gloried in being clapped on the back and hailed as Old Ethe or Old Stiff.
(呂譯) 在烏司特上學的時候,他是有名的孤獨朋友,對於賞心作樂完全外行,可是偶爾有人拍拍他的背,叫他一聲“老伊”或“老傻”,他嘴裡不說,心裡可高興。



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