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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

HK Governor's Christmas message 1941

SCMP 1941-12-25:

Hongkong is observing the strangest and most sober Christmas in its century-old history.

Governor Sir Mark Young:

In pride and admiration I send my greeting this Christmas day to all who are fighting and all who are working so nobby and so well to sustain Hong Kong against the assaults of the enemy. Fight on. Hold fast for King and Empire. God bless you all in this your finest hour ... Let this day be historical in the grand annals of our empire. The Order of the Day is to hold fast.

(Tony Banham, Not The Slightest Chance: The Defence of Hong Kong, p.248)

15:30 Offical surrender.




不是光明打鑊, 是公然打鑊. 用詞不能不計較褒貶.

BTW, 這種乞討的語氣是否有點示人以弱. 把香港社會摧毀殆盡根本就是計劃之中的事, 難道中共殖民之心到這一步還看不見?