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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

Aeneid, lines 1--15

Virgil's Aeneid (David Ferry's translation)

I sing of arms and the man whom fate had sent
To exile from the shores of Troy to be
The first to come to Lavinium and the coasts
Of Italy, and who, because of Juno's
Savage implacable rage, was battered by storms
At sea, and from the heavens above, and also
By tempests of war, until at last he might
Bring his gods to Latium, and build there his town
From which would come the Alban Fathers and
The lofty walls of Rome. Muse, tell me
The cause why Juno the queen of heaven was so
Aggrieved by what offense against her power,
To send this virtuous faithful hero out
To perform so many labors, confront such dangers?

Can anger like this be, in immortal hearts?

(Goto 16--43)



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