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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)


Longman Active Study Dictionary, 3e:

L1. (also fade away) [I] to gradually disappear or become weaker: Her memories of Egypt soon faded.

L2. [I, T] if clothes of coloured objects fade, or if light fades them, they lose their colour or brightness: faded blue jeans

Oxford Wordpower:

O1. [I] to become lighter in colour or less strong or fresh: Jeans fade when you wash them. | The sun was setting and the light was fading fast.

O2. [T] to make sth fade: Look how the sun has faded these curtains.

O3. [I] fade (away), to disappear slowly (from sight, hearing , memory, etc): The cheering of the crowd faded away. | The smile faded from his face.

不論所舉的例子, 編排的次序, 用法的歸類, 都高下立見.



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