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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

fine _?_ me

"好丫" 英文怎講, Fine _?_ me.

在email裡, 曾經fine with me, fine for me甚麼的也寫過. 今天終於知道答案, 原來是 fine *by* me. 太好了.

OALD, fine :

adj. (finer, finest)
3 (also used as an exclamation) used to tell sb that an action, a suggestion or a decision is acceptable: `I'll leave this here, OK?' `Fine.' `Bob wants to know if he can come too.' `That's fine by me.'


:: Blogger laichungleung (17.06.06, 00:50   ) sagt...

Just when you think you have it figured out, it's my obligation to confuse you again.

In Nov 2003, Billy posted the same question here . Take a look, it's only a few threads.

Years ago, I had the same question. I asked a native English speaker (she's not British though) and her answer was it should be "fine with me."

I don't have Oxford University Press to back me up, but I think "fine with me" is totally acceptable.

Further research pending.

:: Blogger sf (18.06.06, 01:32   ) sagt...

LCL, fine with me.

thank you for the note. it is good that we have choices. the most important thing is knowing how to say it.

:: Blogger laichungleung (19.06.06, 22:31   ) sagt...

You are welcome.

I asked another native speaker here, and his answer is he would use "fine with me."

Seems to me "fine with me" is more acceptable here in New York.

But I kind of got the feeling you are a British kind of guy and since OUP uses "Fine by me" as an example so I guess "fine by me" may just be more acceptable across the pond.

My sample size is awfully small to be statistically significant. Anyway, grammatical thing shouldn't be based on statistics I guess.

Language is a living and changing thing ... my usuall excuse to mess up.

Happy blogging.


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