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scences from a marriage

Ingmar Bergman,
Scenes from a Marriage (1974),
299 min (TV version)

基本上全齣戲講一件事, emotional illiterate. 故事的布局大約是一個女人怎樣在兩性關係中成長起來, 獨立起來.

故事一開始Johan和Marianne兩夫婦接受一本女性雜誌的訪問. 整個訪問基本上Marriane都退縮在Johan身影之後. 可是, 當Johan走開了要去打電話, Marriane卻告訴了記者幾句很入心的想法, 說對於婚姻, 愛其實可有可無:

Fidelity needs to be a given. It can't be an obligation or a rule. You can't promise fidelity. Either you're faithful or you aren't.

The only problem is Paul's definition (of love) casts us in such a harsh light... Personally, I find it's enough to be kind to the person you live with. Affection is also good. Humor, friendship, tolerance. Having reasonable expectations. If you have all that, then love isn't necessary.

I wish we weren't forced to play all these roles we don't want to play. That we could be kinder to each other.

不記得是Marianne還是Johan後來說的, "Being considerate killed our love."

Bergman非常尊重這套劇的演員和工作人員. 他在每集之後都用幾分鐘, 以旁白把主要演員和工作人員的名字一一讀出.



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