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Birth of a baby


version 1

Birth of a baby

After about 40 weeks, the foetus is ready to be born. Normally, the head of the foetus points towards the opening of the uterus. The birth of the baby begins as the muscles of the uterus contract*. Then the bag containing the watery liquid breaks. The opening of the uterus becomes larger. The muscles of the uterus contract more and more frequently and strongly to push the baby out. Normally, it is born with its head coming out first. Fig. 3.22 shows the process of birth of a baby.

Fig. 3.22

The doctor makes sure that the baby breathes on its own, and then ties and cuts the umbilical cord.

version 2

Birth of a baby

The baby is ready to be born, when its organs are fully developed (after about 40 weeks). The mother's uterus muscles contract in rhythms, more and more strongly and frequently, and finally push the baby out (normally, head-first).

a series of four figures, showing the process of labour (highlight the following points):
1. baby's head down
2. muscles are contracting
3. watery liquid comes out
4. baby coming out
5. ties and cuts the umbilical cord
6. placenta out

The doctor then makes sure that the baby can breathe on its own, and ties and cuts the umbilical cord. The placenta is pushed out by further contractions of the mother's uterus muscles.


:: Blogger Yun (02.04.09, 01:31   ) sagt...

I like version 1 more. :)

:: Blogger sf (03.04.09, 13:36   ) sagt...

Q2: why?

:: Blogger C.M. (06.04.09, 11:15   ) sagt...

I like version 1 more. x2

似乎內容是屬於讓準媽咪安心的育兒書籍,毋須太詳細列point form。雖然point form清楚整個生產步驟,但好像太argumentative 喇。

:: Blogger Yun (07.04.09, 07:32   ) sagt...

For #2, it's kind of weird to have bullet points in a such short paragraph.

#1 flows better.

:: Blogger sf (08.04.09, 21:12   ) sagt...

thank you.


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