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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

wild strawberries, etc

1. Ingmar Bergman, Wild Strawberries (1957) 91min

"i was too considerate that i became unintentionally cruel."
"you know too much that you don't know anything."

excerpt: 老人的夢 (youtube)
(無指針的錶面, 強光造成的陰影, 無人的街道, 封起的窗戶, 喪鐘, 載著棺材的無人馬車, etc.)

* Peter Cowie, Criteron.
* safari. (以isak為中心)
* eyeing, 老人痴影症

注意: 入油員夫婦, 兒子夫婦的對比.
妻子通姦的回憶揮之不去, 及其後他與表妹sara的對話.

2. Ingmar Bergman, The Silence (1963) 98min

Ester, Anna, Johan
Still camera

3. Fellini, La Strade (1954) 108min

笑裡滲出愁苦, 苦臉又令人想發笑.
悲喜交雜, 其容一見難忘.



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