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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

McGrath and Atkins

Where is the friend I seek at break of day?
When night falls, I still have not found Him.
My burning heart shows me His traces.
I see His traces wherever flowers bloom.
His love is mingled with every air.
His voice calls in the summer wind.

---a poem quoted in Bergman, Wild Strawberries.

* * *

飲者, 當眾大辯:


題目:可否請上帝早抖?(shall we rid the mind of God?)


這類題目我沒多大興趣, 但我在聽啊. 聽甚麼? 英語發音. 很悅耳的, 尤其是男主持. 作孽.

留意到不少人坐在台上的地板, lecture應該是這樣的. 人人正襟危坐, 成甚麼樣子.



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