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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

Improper Return of Library Materials

0. 風林火山

啫呢我覺得怒火眼睛好邪, 眩得我疑心生暗鬼對號入座, 老是覺得有幾句錐(/joey1/)的是我.

1. 脆弱

某圖書館為了方便用者, 設立了閉館後還書收集箱, 可是reserve book例外. 原因? 嗯, 大概由於書一旦歸到 reserve list 就會變得脆弱, 不能承受放到bookdrop的震盪.

Library materials should be properly returned to the Library. Improper return may damage or cause the loss of library materials, cause inconvenience for other users, and increase Library's maintenance cost. Therefore, we ask you to observe the followings:

Please do not return the following items to the book drop:
Reserve materials

Please be reminded that you are responsible for the loss or damage of library materials loaned to you.

由於不繼遭漠視, 這規定終於給取消了. 是那家圖書館的趣事? 不言而喻啦.

2. 歷史撰寫的典型基本框架.

W. Doyle, French Revolution (Oxford: OUP, 2001)

Why it happened
How it happened
What it ended
What it started
Where it stands

...shows how the ancien regime became ancien as well as examining cases in which achievement failed to match ambition, exploring its consequences in the arenas of public affairs and reponsible government, and ending with thoughts on why the revolution has been so controversial.

3. 薄

mac book air *看起來* 真薄. 好厲害的廣告. 好厲害的視覺效果.


4. 教院式粵語拼音方案 variation
依粵音韻彙附錄原方案的建議 (除第一項外)

aa* 也可記作 a:*  ,如三 sa:m  (c.f. 心 sam)
*aa 也可略作 *a  ,如沙 sa
j* 也可記作 y*   ,如也 ya
y* 也可記作 ue*   ,如孫 suen
*oey也可記作 *eue ,如虛 hoey, heue


:: Blogger 怒火眼睛 (30.01.08, 15:38   ) sagt...


:: Blogger sf (31.01.08, 10:09   ) sagt...

怒火師姐, 文理兼善猶可, 文理兼博何益.jack of all, master of none, 豈及一技之長呢. 噢, 有心無力? 未處之囊中而已. 使遂處之囊中, 直穎脫而出, 焉費力耶?

:: Blogger 怒火眼睛 (01.02.08, 17:28   ) sagt...

文理兼善固然上佳, 文理兼博亦大有益處. 當今材料增長速度遠超我們承受範圍, 誰還敢輕言自己博覽群書呢? 博基方可建高樓,先生的"博", 套句現代語, 就是贏在起跑線上了.

而且, jack of all 喎, all 喎. 你估容易?

唉你唔好再叫我師姐啦, 受唔起.


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