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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

Coca-Cola, etc.

1. 媽媽阿四, 午睡:


媽媽: 何解你可以在我一手拿着鑊鏟、一腳吊着孩子、快要死時跑去午睡?
爹爹: 哦因為我喜歡午睡囉……哦對了,何解妳不去午睡?
媽媽: 因為你喜歡午睡囉。

人謂王爾德錦心繡口, 說話彷彿早一晚預先想好了似的. 我看阿四嫂子跟他丈夫的對答妙語聯珠, 不免疑心她們其實前一夜早已把對白演熟. 她丈夫擺明有心賣個破賺讓阿四發招, 要看她又來一句甚麼一針見血令人倒絕的話中話, 好笑個人仰馬翻.

2. At noon on April 10, Coca-Cola sent a formal statement to Global Times: (via ESWN)

Recently, certain Chinese bloggers and forums carried a photo of a Coca-Cola advertisement. That advertisement was part of the 2003 series with the theme of "Make It Real" to promote sales in Germany. The theme was to encourage people to try new things and enjoy life. The series contains more than a dozen different advertisements featuring people from different walks of life enjoying themselves in different situations.

This advertisement did not contain any political or religious background and it is unrelated to Tibet independence. We regret that this old advertisement should become misunderstood by certain Chinese bloggers and forum users who were not aware of its background. We respect the feelings of Chinese consumers. This old advertisement at the Bremen train station has been taken down on the same day.

Coca-Cola is an apolitical organization, and one of the accommodating brands in the world. Coca-Cola provides services to consumers in more than 200 countries of different cultures, religions and histories. Coca-Cola and its local bottling partners will follow international business practice and not interfere or participate in any political or religious affairs in any country. We adhere to this position in every country around the world.

Coca-Cola began supporting and sponsoring the Olympics in 1928. For 80 years, we have continued to support the Olympic movement around the world. As a partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Olympic torch relay, we are actively participating in this global athletic competition.


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