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* Experts see the world quite differently than novices. We propose that the goal of a course of study should be not the accumulation of facts, but the acquistion of a lens for viewing experience.

同一件事物, 在有識之士眼中, 往往別有洞天. 上一門課的目的, 不是為搜羅資料, 而是去學習, 去掌握看事物的新角度.

* The chess master looks at a board placement and sees a game. The novices sees a bunch of chess men.

象棋新手眼中一隻隻棋子, 高手見到的是一局棋.

* Most of us watch the sun sinking below the horizon. Copernicus was able to see the earth spinning in space, eclipsing the sun.

我們眼中是夕陽西沉, 哥伯尼眼中是地球自轉, 太陽相對而言, 退出觀察者的視域之外.

* The novice strolls through a botanical garden, delighted by the decorative diversity. The biologist observes plants adapting to variations in soil conditions.

一般人遊花園, 眼裡盡是鵝黃嫩綠, 萬紫千紅. 植物學家注意到的, 卻是植物如何適應不同的土壤環境.

* Education in this perspective is more than a trip to Disneyland (or a museum); instead, it means acquiring the expert's X-ray vision, the connoisseur's sense of taste, the scholar's capacity to appraise, the scientist's ability to analyze.

依此而論, 教育不是逛逛迪士尼或博物館, 而是練就內行人的洞察力, 品評家的鑑賞力, 學者的判斷力, 科學家的分析力.




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