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blackberrys, etc.

1. BlackBerry

BlackBerrys are great at e-mail, but the phone is barely adequate and its Internet abilities are not very good at all. (New York Times)

BlackBerrys are great for e-mail, but are barely adequate as phones and not very good at all for accessing the web. (John Gruber)

2. 爭秋奪暑

3. 大雄, 男女吃飯.研究 (惡搞)


:: Blogger Carole (16.09.07, 03:27   ) sagt...

爭秋奪暑 -- 我媽咪的金句

:: Blogger sf (16.09.07, 09:10   ) sagt...

et, 已經入秋了, 本以為天氣漸涼. 誰料這幾晚睡在床上, 又熱又焗, 難以入眠. 對父母說起才曉得這句他們爛熟的金句.

不過奇怪的是, 早已不是處暑了, 連白露也過了, 快要中秋. 還爭秋奪暑?

:: Anonymous Anonym (18.09.07, 02:44   ) sagt...

秋老虎 -- 我要開番冷氣



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