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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

鼓起勇氣吧! (囈語)


(以賽亞書35:5-6, 拙譯)

Then opened are the eyes of the blind
and the ears of the deaf unstopped;
Then the lame leap like deers,
and the tongue of the speechless sings.
Indeed waters break forth in the wilderness
and streams in the desert.
And the burning sand is a swamp,
and the thirsty ground, springs of water.
In the pasture of jackals is her resting place,
[her] grass [turns] to reeds and rushes.


聊備一格, 以待來者:

焦沙成為澤國, 旱地湧出清泉.
從前野狗盤踞處, 化作棲息之所,
從前敗草凋零處, 化作蘆荻萋萋, 蒹葭蒼蒼.


曠野將綠水如注, 荒漠懸河;
焦沙將成為澤國, 旱地奔泉.

曠野將綠水如注, 荒漠奔流;
焦沙將湧泉成澤, 旱地翻江.


:: Blogger laichungleung (18.05.06, 03:00   ) sagt...

At the risk of sounding like some moronic self-important critic, I have to say that is a pretty good translation you have there.

My only question is what happened to the part "And the burning sand ..." and thereafter till the end?

I look forward to it, that is if there is a it.

:: Blogger Birgit (18.05.06, 11:28   ) sagt...

What a nice translation!
I like even more the Chinese version.

:: Blogger sf (19.05.06, 15:20   ) sagt...


:: Blogger laichungleung (29.05.06, 10:52   ) sagt...

thank you for the part II.
As a whole, it sounds pretty good to my ear. I wonder what you call this kind of Chinese writing. It's definitely not Cantonese, is it contemporary or modern Chinese? Is it some kind of poetry or prose? Is there a name for it?

:: Blogger sf (30.05.06, 17:24   ) sagt...

LCL, part2不像樣的. 寫下它, 也許日後重看會勾起靈感.

你問的問題, 我很愕然, 不懂怎樣答才好.


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