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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

breakfast at tiffany's

A smile that God had designed to melt motal men's hearts. (photo from icnetwork)

買了柯德莉夏萍的VCD珠光寶氣(Breakfast at Tiffany's). 忍不住連看了兩遍. 柯德莉夏萍美若天仙, 明豔照人, 劇中他飾演周旋於男人之間的交際花Holly, 談吐跳皮慧黠, 一雙晶瑩的大眼睛暗送秋波, 簡直顛倒眾生, 看得人----我----如痴如醉, 大腦停頓無暇分析, 只顧得陶醉.


Holly: Be a darling and look under the bed for a pair of alligator shoes. l've got to do something about how l look.

Holly: Ah...Do I detect a look of disapproval in your eye? Tough beans, buddy, cos that's the way it's gonna be...
Holly: I'll pay for my own whisky and don't forget it. I do not accept drinks from disapproving gentlemen.
Varjak: If I were you, I'd be more careful with my money. Rusty Trawler is too hard a way of earning it.
Holly: It takes you exactly four seconds to cross from here to that door. I'll give you two!

Holly: Paul, I love you, but I am just not Lula Mae any more.
Paul: ...

Holly: I've got a wonderful idea. We'll spend the day doing things we've never done. We'll take turns. First you, then me. Of course, l can't think of anything l've never done.

這不是幻想出來的, 現實世界真的有這樣總能使得動他人的女孩子. 再任性的事也能使你半推半就讓他, 甚至陪他去做, 再荒誕的事他也能說動你去替他代勞. 至少, 我腦海中就想到一個.

此輯VCD, 台南互森出品的綠底白面黃框所謂奧斯卡經典鉅片系列, 質素奇差. 不但畫質劣拙, 時時起格, bad sector連連, 而且名副其實兩碟裝----碟滿即CUT, 最後幾分鐘的結局就別指望能看得到----就像永遠的Audrey Hepburn一樣, 成了永遠的懸宕. 上次買的金枝玉葉(Roman Holiday), 也是如此. 勝在價錢實在太便宜 (五蚊雞!), 唯有食得鹹魚抵得渴.

PS: 貓, this quote.



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