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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

大俠, hour of death, etc

1. zz拍電影畫面, 新意思, 新挑戰, 比拿餐牌難度更高, 更刺激喎. 他藝高人膽大, 看的我興奮莫名----挑戰權威的快感. 定是因為他做了我這個無膽匪類不敢做的事. (我是否在鼓勵他去死?)

2. 昨晚回中大看看大俠吳恭孚, 還是老樣子中氣十足. 一別十年, 他今年名義上也退休了. 當年的課上得最神心的, 要算他的實分析. 每次課後也跑到東座的自修室, 把當天講的課題溫習好一遍. 沒法子, 前一個學期上他的變分法, 全軍盡墨, 僅以身免.

我跟同學一起上他的課, 兩個人總愛坐到前排. 他老是物理仔物理仔地招呼我們, 不時大大聲問, "物理仔明唔明?". 見他談吐幽默, 對女同學風度翩翩關懷備至, 我思疑他年輕的時候, 一定是情場勝手.

3. 昨晚在中大遇上肥力. 謝謝他問候. 續牌----最少臨時續牌----應有曙光, 只是考官老是不甘心, 覺得我待他不好, 不值得給我合格.

4. 剛開始讀 Philippe Aries, The hour of our death. 可惜星期五就得歸還.

"Is it not true that all who are born must die? May God receive the death and preserve the living." (p.21)

"Gerasim shows that he did not mind this work precisely because he was doing it for a dying man and hoped that when his own time came, someone would do the same for him." (p.21)

it is easier to endure death without thinkig about it than the thought of death without the dangeer of dying.... not a denial but a recognition of the impossibility of thinking about it directly or for very long because death is too close and too much a part of daily life.(p.22)



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