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TED Talks
Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind

當他拿出計數的工具來, 我禁不住開懷大笑. 激動得興奮得雀躍得連坐在鄰座的同事都湊過來問我發生甚麼事.

那一刻我真的打從心底裡開心起來, 因為我知道我那忍俊不住的忘形的笑, 證明自己物理學生的生命還活生生的呼吸著.

你不可能不被他的活力他的情懷所感染. 簡直就像把你「裡面的人」喚醒過來, 釋放出來.


:: Blogger Yun (30.04.08, 07:07   ) sagt...

Slide ruler嗎﹖ 難道先生你有用過﹖ 不會吧﹖! 我老細對於它都好雀躍﹐他可是六十有幾了。

His hair, so Einstein! 先生你既頭髮會唔會變成咁呢﹖

Actually, he made me feel dizzy... those 8th graders who had him as a science teacher are lucky. (It's actually around where I work.) And I agree with him that, we should keep computer out of schools. Why do people think computers can make people smart? That's the most idiotic mindset.

And at the end, I like he said that, we need tolerance not prejudice. (Did he say that?!) So true.

:: Blogger sf (05.05.08, 14:51   ) sagt...

話說回來, 那老兄不免有點造作. 我倒想到, 像這樣「放浪形骸」的人之所以見容於世, 甚至受社會「供養」, 是因他天才橫溢, 因此才物以罕為貴, 對他投鼠忌器/不以為忤. 社會能容多少這樣的人?


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