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1. 香港考古, 載於《中大學生》,第115期,2000年4月。

2. 一五一十, 再論雷鋒為何不可以學

3. 聞見思錄, The end of the affair:



4. Oxford School Shakespeare
Classwork and Examinations

A. Themes and Topics
B. Character Study
D. Context Questions
E. Critical Appreciation

A1. Iago is bitter about Cassio's 1bookish theoric', which he describes as `Mere prattle without practice' (I, 1, 26). Do you think that `paper qualifications' are more important than practical experience for many jobs?

A3. Because Othello is back. Brabantio believe beliees than Desdemona's love for him is `Against of such a producion
A4. Is Othello's jealousy a sign of his great live --- or does it show a weakness in his love?
A5. Could this play be performed in modern dress?

from the outside - function of every character within the whole scheme and pattern of the play
form the inside - identify with a single character and can look at the action and the other characters for his/her point of view

B2 `I hate the Moor' (I,3,377). Examine the causes of Iago' hatred.
B3 Is Desdemona merely an innocent and passive victim?
B4 Does Emilia have a character, or simply a function?

E1. Comment on Brabantio's use of language in this speech.
E2. Comment on the imagery of there lines.
E3. Who do these lines show of Othelle's chaaracter?



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