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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

名相: 行星

彩虹七色, 八大行星,

冥王星的運動不是開會所能決定, 開會能決定的不過名相. 於是教科書又有一輪修訂工夫要做. 唉.

IAU: giving "planet" a polish:
That was despite one man’s suggestion that “nearly round” and “has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit” required so much interpretation that the resolution had no meaning. “There is so much common sense in the resolution that I would propose to drop all the resolutions and keep footnote 1,” he said.

Oh yes, they laughed. Footnote 1 of resolution 5A, to remind you, stated that “The eight classical planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.”

Nature News: Pluto loses planet status:

But despite the successful vote and the IAU's best efforts at clarity, it seems there is still scope for some confusion. Already at the conference there are hints of problems. "Dwarf stars are stars. Dwarves are people," reasons Donald Lubowich, coordinator of astronomy outreach for Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Hempstead, New York. So as far as he is concerned, Pluto — the 'dwarf' planet — is still a planet.


:: Anonymous  (25.08.06, 21:56   ) sagt...

除卻情感因素, 修訂也不是壞事。畢竟這個世界不停地進步, 有很多我們一直以為是真理的, 到了後來卻出現推翻的證據, 就像地動說, 既然冥王星並不乎合訂下的規格, 刪除也不見得太不得了。不過習慣了, 不太想改就是了。

:: Blogger Birgit (26.08.06, 15:45   ) sagt...


:: Anonymous 螞蟻 (28.08.06, 18:35   ) sagt...

邀請你參加以下blog tag 遊戲。

:: Blogger sf (29.08.06, 00:15   ) sagt...

小嘉, 這是純粹的名相, 跟真理(這裡單指empirical truth)關係不大. 更可能是, 這次並不是甚麼新發現,新理解, 只是透過改定義把新圖畫塞進舊理解中去.

姨姨, "它在那兒, 又不在那兒." 好啊好啊,我要鐫成金屬碑, 像太空漫遊2001裡似的, 豎立在冥王星.

:: Blogger Birgit (29.08.06, 11:07   ) sagt...



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