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"Terrorist scum"

訪客中有一個美國人, 想是誤打誤撞random blog地闖進這裡來, 看見大堆鬼畫符的中文字馬上走為上著. 看他的泊, 自我介紹說自己是兩個俊俏男孩的父親, 娶了個美妙的女人. 那即是說, 是美國小康之家的普通人一個.

這位仁兄的泊裡, 劈頭第一段就是:

Terrorist scum (August 10, 2006)

I can't understand how easy it is for terrorists to mess things up. Thank God the US and Brits are on the ball with these scumbags. If we had some weak liberal president we would be in deep trouble. I pray the dems lose in Nov. If not what we are going to see is less fighting the Arab fascists and more trying to understand why we made them so mad in the first place...yikes!

("Yikes!" = 嘔心也)

做賊喊賊的薯仔總統當然有其支持者, 而且為數不少. 民主共和兩黨也不是可以非黑即白那麼截然兩分. 然而這一段話, 不由得看得人心驚.


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Not only the US happy man believe such, but many also.

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