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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)


(teams from 《英漢比較與翻譯》, examples from YH dict)

to eye sth 注視
to nose out 聞/察覺 / nose one's way 小心翼翼地前進
:: The dog nose out the scent 嗅出了氣味來源
:: Reporters nosed out all the details of the affair. 記者把事情探聽個水落石出.
to lip sb 吻/lip the request 輕聲說出要求
to beard sb 公然反抗
to brain sb 砍破腦袋
to jaw with sb 喋喋不休/閒聊/ jaw sb 嘮叨/數說
to arm with 配備/裝備
to elbow one's way through the crowd 用肘推開人群擠過去
to hand sth to sb 交付
to thumb sth 用大拇指摸弄
:: thumb through the directory 翻遍電話簿
:: These books were badly thumbed 這些書都給翻爛了
:: thumbed his way all over Europe 搭順風車走遍歐洲
to skin 剝皮/植皮/癒合
:: skin onions 把洋葱剝去皮
:: skinned his legs 擦破了皮
:: The wound has skinned over 傷口已癒合
to stomach 忍受/消化
:: can't stomach his jokes 受不了他開的玩笑
to limb 肢解/削枝
:: The tree was felled and limbed 樹給砍下來, 削去枝葉

to knee 膝行/膝撞
to foot it 步行/foot 合計/換底
:: footed the whole ten miles 徒步走畢全程十里路
:: The bill footed up to $1,000 帳足足一千大元
:: foot the stocking 給襪子換了底
to mouth fine words 說漂亮話
:: mouth the word "quiet" 以口形示意「安靜」

to worm into one's confidence 騙取別人的信任
to dog a person's footsteps 跟著別人走
to fish out 套出話來
to fox / to outfox 欺騙/智取
to ape sb 摹仿
to mouse 暗中追蹤 / mouse about the place 鬼鬼祟祟地搜 /go mousing 捕鼠
to wolf his meal 狼吞虎嚥

to father a daughter 做起父親來
:: Einstein fathered relativity 愛因斯坦創立了相對論
to mother 撫養
to floor the room 鋪地板 / floor sb 把他打翻在地
to summer 過夏天/避暑
to bottle 裝瓶
to corner 迫往牆角/ corner the market 壟斷
: The car corners well 架車掟左個靚彎

to round(vt,vi) 弄圓/兜圈子/環行
:: round the corners 把尖角鋸圓/磨平
:: The spacecraft rounded the moon. 太空船環繞月球飛行。
:: round up 總結
:: Her eyes rounded with excitement. 十分興奮, 眼睛睜得大大
to sour (vt,vi) 弄酸/發酸
:: The hot weather has soured the milk 天氣太熱,牛奶發酸了
:: soured by his indifference 遭人家冷落,好生沒趣
Various adversity has soured her view of life 連番失意, 人也尖酸起來。
:: his temper has soured 脾氣變壞了
to wet 弄濕/受潮
to dry sth 弄乾
to narrow sth down 收窄
to bare sth 暴露
to brave
:: to brave one's displeasure 膽敢頂撞/不顧反對/不放在眼裡
:: brave the storm 冒風突雨




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