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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

那一年,我們十二歲 (翻譯練習)



(龍應台, 三少四壯集1964)

We were twelve in 1964. It was a time that our fathers had a life span of sixty-four on average; and our mothers, sixty-nine.

We, rural children then, lived in a lovely world of purity and simplicity. Near our school, there was a brook passing by. The bank was thickly covered with tropical plants, and the sweet, blissful fragrances of berries were mixed in the air. The water was limpid. So limpid that, if you stood barefoot in it and looked down, you could see transparent shrimps and black tadpoles swimming between stones in the water.



:: Blogger Yun (19.11.08, 01:52   ) sagt...

you translated the English???????

:: Blogger 黑人 (19.11.08, 17:28   ) sagt...


We were twelve in 1964, a time when our fathers lived up to sixty four years old on average, and our mothers sixty nine.

The world was simple and lovely to us rural kids. There was a brook near our school, it was lush with tropical plants on the bank side. The sweet fragrance of berries mingled in the air, all was bliss.

(唔夠時間再譯落去)我記得好似用translucent 比較接近,transparent 真係透明


:: Blogger sf (20.11.08, 23:47   ) sagt...

黑人兄, 獻醜的是我才是. 我的英文不濟事. 最喜歡你那一句: all was bliss.

小雲, 是又如何?


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