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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)

性:一個宗教觀點 2

  • 溯洄從之

  • 《雅歌》, 聖經裡希伯來人的古老情詩, 主要以女子的口吻寫成. 這些情詩的存在, 已經迫使我們對性, 非重新思考不可.

    Song of Songs 3:1-5. (Falk's translation, Poem 13)

    At night in bed, I want him -
    The one I love is not here.

    I'll rise and search the city,
    Through the streets and squares

    Until the city watchmen
    Find me wandering there

    And I ask them - have you seen him?
    The one I love is not here.

    When they have gone, I find him
    And I won't let him go

    Until he's in my mother's home,
    The room where I was born.

    O women of the city,
    Swear by the wild field doe

    Not to wake or rouse us
    Till we fulfill our love.

    `靜女其姝' Song of Songs 1:5-6. (Block and Block's traslation)

    I am dark, daughters of Jerusalem,
    and I am beautiful!
    Dark as the tents of Kedar, lavish
    as Solomon's tapestries.

    Do not see only as dark:
    the sun has stared at me.

    My brothers were angry with me,
    they made me guard the vineyards.
    I have not guarded my own.

    Song of Songs 1:7-8. (Block and Block's traslation)

    Tell me, my only love,
    where do you pasture your sheep,
    where will you let them rest
    in the heat of noon?
    Why should I lose my way among the flocks
    of your companions?

    Loveliest of women,
    if you lose your way,
    follow in the tracks of the sheep.
    graze your goats in the shade
    of the shepherds' tents.

    * 性:一個宗教觀點



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