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Faure's self-introduction

  • 溯洄從之

  • 2005.10.01

    David Faure  
    B.A. (University of Hong Kong), Ph D (Princeton University);
    Department Chairman, Professor

    I think I am interested in social history. That means I am interested in custom, but I am not really interested in the history of customs. I am also interested in life style, but the social history I want to write is not the history of lifestyles. I guess I am interested in social structure, not the social structure created by historians, but the social structure which the people I am interested in identify with. I believe people can only surpass the limits imposed by the structure they identify with by understanding it. Yes, I think we read history to contribute to a better life.


    :: Anonymous c (24.01.06, 16:16   ) sagt...

    船山先生, 初時見到Faure 這個名字, 還以為是擁有天使名字, 寫了一首很好聽的安魂曲(見, 那位法國作曲家呢.


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