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(reminder: all quotes here are fiddled, probably.)


最後一班往羅湖過境列車經已開出. 乘客請轉乘其他交通工具.


畫蛇添足. 深宵夜半, 說甚麼 "(過境)請轉乘其他交通工具", 擺景嗎? 假細心得太造作了點吧?

再說說廣播. 往羅湖尾班車開出前後都有廣播. 深宵時份回家, 聽見廣播, 總覺得九鐵很周到, 開出前提醒乘客要從速入閘, 開出後不用入閘. 不過, 有時候設想, 如果自己要趕著坐尾班車過關, 氣沖沖跑到閘前, 聽到 "最後一班往羅湖....", 一定會二話不說衝進閘去, 直奔月台. 原來呢 "......列車經已開出", 氣煞!

苛求一點, 為了避免以上的誤會, 如果開車前後的廣播略作安排, 改成:
(一) 最後一班往羅湖過境列車將於五分鐘後開出.
(二) 經已開出最後一班往羅湖過境列車.

句二那樣的中文自然很不合規格, 不過以廣府話論, 這樣的倒裝說法也不算太離譜吧.

另, 或者羅湖過境列車, 或者往羅湖列車. 往羅湖過境列車是甚麼意思? 難道過境並非指越過邊境? 還是指旅客過境要坐的往羅湖列車----廣播刻意強調過境二字, 以免旅客忽略?


:: Blogger 28481k (21.04.06, 13:01   ) sagt...

He he, there is a difference between the last Lowu Train and the last Cross-border Lowu Train: There are people living and working in the border closed area. The border is closed at midnight, but the train service goes on until about half an hour later so that personnel can leave Lowu Checkpoint and residents can get there later. [1] Hence the necessity for such announcement on the platform. There are signs showing the first and last trains next to the entrance, but passengers mostly ignore them. Oh, and those signs don't show the last service which would just arrive before the border closes either.

Your suggestion is very good, as people will not miss a train with more prominent announcements, but I wonder whether KCR would care about their passengers...

[1] No personnel stays at the Lowu Checkpoint overnight, everyone has to leave, so detained persons would be transferred to Sheung Shui Police Station for detainment.

:: Blogger sf (21.04.06, 13:11   ) sagt...

284兄, 原來如此. 謝謝.

:: Blogger 思存 (22.04.06, 11:11   ) sagt...

是的是的, 以我多年來搭車搭過龍的經驗, 的確是有此分別~~

至於"轉乘其他交通工具", 不知是不是要一併轉換目的地, 例如去落馬洲... 在廿四小時通關的今天, 也未必全是攞景, 嘿

我有時想, 廣播是否能用"常人"的言語, 而不拘泥語體句法... 例如, 乾脆宣佈: "過唔到境喇!! 最後一班過關車開左lu, 明天請早~~"


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