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廿世紀理論物理的主旋律 playlist

PHY4510 Selected Topics
Thematic melodies of 20th century theoretical physics lecture
CN Yang and K Young

* Quantization
* Phase Factor
* Symmetry

cuhk phy: course info & ppts, video

lecture 1 pt.1, CNY: Quantization
lecture 2 pt.1, CNY: Phase Factor
lecture 3 pt.1, KY: Least Action Principle
lecture 4&5 pt.1, KY: Path Integral & From path integral back to Schrodinger equation
lecture 6 pt.1, CNY: Symmetry
lecture 7 pt.1, KY: Transition, Rotation, Angular momentum
lecture 8 pt.1, KY: Rotation group, Representations, Applications
lecture 9 pt.1, KY
lecture 10 pt.1, CNY: Addition of Angular Momentum
lecture 11 pt.1, KY: Internal Symmetries
lecture 12 pt.1, KY: Gauge Theory I (The case of EM)
lecture 13 pt.1, KY: Gauge Theory II
lecture 14 pt.1, KY: Gauge Theory III
lecture 15 pt.1, KY: Is the vector potential physical?
lecture 16 pt.1, KY: Riemann geometry & general relativity

* youtube上沒有playlist, 十分雜亂. 所以自製一個.

以上斷link. 新link 見 hNeg playlist



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