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A splash of white on my bedroom floor. Hoarfrost?
I raise my eyes to the moon, the same moon.
As scenes long past came to mind, my eyes fall again
On the splash of white, and my heart aches for home.


:: Blogger Eric 'Spanner' (26.11.05, 21:09   ) sagt...

a splash of white 明月光
on my bedroom floor 床前
Hoaforst? 疑是地上霜
I raise my eyes to the moon 舉頭望明月
my eyes fall again on the splash of white 低頭
my heart aches for home 思故鄉

:: Anonymous  (27.11.05, 08:48   ) sagt...


:: Blogger sf (27.11.05, 23:02   ) sagt...

小嘉和肥力, 譯文不錯呢, 是不是? 當然, 它不是我譯的.

看來這問題太淺了, 兩天之內, 你們就答對了, 肥力還好心思, 把每句拆解. 用nostalgia來譯靜夜思, 而不糾纏於靜或夜或思. 我以為是恰到好處. 是為記.


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