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當年今日 (1941.12.13)

  • 溯洄從之

  • 1941年12月13日, 港督楊慕琦向全體義勇軍團成員發出一道文筆優秀的公告:

    I thank you one and all for everthing that you have done, and I look forward with certainty to your adding to the high reputation that you have already built up. There is before you a task that can and will be done if you go to it with all your courage and all your might. The defence of Hong Kong against the aggressor is going to be the finest page in the Colony's history. See that your name is written on the page. Good fortune to you all.

    原來, 當天早上8:30, 香港守軍完全棄守九龍, 全盤撤退至香港島. 早上9:00, 日軍派出三名軍官, 坐小艇渡過維多利亞港向楊慕琦勸降, 小艇上還有二個英國女人和二隻小狗作為人質. 勸降書說:

    Since our troops have joined battle I have gained possession of the Kowloon Peninsula despite the good fighting qualities of your men, and my artillery and air force, which are ready to crush all parts of the Island, now await my order...

    日軍軍官在等候港督答覆期間, 還接受了香港傳媒訪問. 港督拒絕會見日方代表, 並透過副手傳達信息:

    He acknowledges the spirit in which the communication is made but he is unable in any circumstance to hold any meeting or parley on the subject of the surrender of Hong Kong

    下午5:00, 香港政府新聞公告:

    The populace may rest assured that the Police now have the disorderly elements under complete control. Several of the leaders have been arrested and there is noting further to fear...

    然後, 午夜12:00, 堅尼地城發生大火(不知何故), 火勢太大, 消防處無力應付, 要求軍方增援.


    * 香港重光六十年
    * 大公報有關香港淪陷報道 (備忘)


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    missy, 難道我如此低調, 還給missy你看穿心思.

    那些對白, 真可謂熟口熟面, 歷久常新. 尤其是最近.


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