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(* 讀《衛斯理村管理委員會檔案》1, 2, 3, 4)

3. 從檔案看社會變化


2nd November, 1960
Problem Houses:

1. No. 63. damaged by Taiphoon `Mary' on 9/6/60. Although the house was got repaired but the family still not allow to living in the house, because the broken slope not yet repair as well as some big stones on the top of slope not yet remove.

2. No.5. This family moved out on the beginning of August, 1960. but they not willing return the house to our church. Several days ago, the housewife Mrs. Siao say to me: `they do not move out' and she added: `may be at the end of this year, their son-in-law come back to Hongkong, then they will remove back to the village.

3. No. 36. Marine Policeman, moved out to the Policemen Apartment, Cheung Sar Wan Road, Kowloon, on the 21st Sept, 1960. He kept the house not return to the Church, and leave his mother living in the house.

4. No. 65. Policeman, this case same as the item 3. but he sublet the house to a family of no white card, and leave his 10 years old son in the house to join the sublet tenant.

5. No. 57. Policeman, moved out to the Policemen Apartment of Kwong Tung Road, Kowloon, on the 28/9/60, and kept the house also.

6. No. 17. Two (2) families in the house, 1 family was gone to Taiwan since April, 1960, and 1 family was working at Kowloon side, and made them very trouble and expenses to living in the village, so he hope us to help him to move to Kowloon Resettlement Area.

7. No. 23. Two (2) families in the house, 1 family is a single man, and now he was working in the Cotton Factory, N.T. He said he is not coming to living in the village but he want to kept the Authority of Resettlement. And the other family is a writer, and recently he move out but he also do not return the house to our church. as I know, the house was vacant about 2 weeks ago.

8. No. 14. His income was very poor, and he willing to reducing the living expenses he hope us to help him to move to the Kowloon Resettlement Area Church' house.






* 讀《衛斯理村管理委員會檔案》1, 2, 3, 4



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